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Why to rent motorcycle in Tivat or Tivat Airport

Motorcycle rental in Montenegro can be one option for travelling and exploring the country right from the gateway, which starts at the airport. Tivat is one of those strategically well-located cities [...]

Our motorcycle fleet for 2024 season

About our fleet When we started our motorcycle tours in Montenegro and the Balkans, we also thought that some of our visitors could benefit from renting a moto in Montenegro. [...]

Food and wine in Montenegro

With a breath of fresh southern wind, the Mediterranean cuisine offers olives, fish and wine on the shores of Skadar Lake and the Adriatic. Incorporated hiking tours through vineyards and [...]

Top 5 Scenic Roads in Europe to Ride a Motorcycle

If you're planning a motorcycle trip, especially in Europe, there are several iconic places you might want to explore. The Alps are renowned for their picturesque roads, but southeastern Europe [...]

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