What motorcycle to ride in Montenegro

When travelling to Montenegro or the Balkans, the question arises: What motorcycle should you ride? For most people, this area sounds like an undeveloped region where the best bike you might want to ride would be a BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin, or Yamaha Tenere 700. These are good bikes to consider for touring in Montenegro; however, for some riders, those motorcycles can be either oversized, heavy, or tall, which makes them not very practical when it comes to enjoying the trip.

The good news is that you shouldn’t limit yourself just by the bikes above. In reality, any road-focused motorcycle will work just fine. All you need is to find what suits you the best, and take it for a spin and enjoy Montenegro. For instance, we are big advocates of the touring and sport-touring motorcycles. We believe that those motorcycles are great for Montenegro and the Balkan region. For those who are travelling long distances, something like Tracer 9 will be a great choice, as that bike is equipped with all the tech you might need on your trip. Other people might prefer a higher and more nimble bike, such as the Yamaha Tracer 7. Very capable machine, but comfy and fun over any distance. Apart of that, we can highly suggest Yamaha T7 mostly known as Tenere, as that bike is ultimately versatile for any type of terrain you might want to explore.

Even the country’s remote regions will allow you to see all the beauty without leaving the asphalt surface. Also, with the recent implementation of European laws, it is becoming more strict about where you can ride a motorcycle and where it is prohibited, especially in and around national parks. All our motorcycles are in a category between 600cc and 1000cc, which makes them versatile, not heavy to manoeuvre and comfortable to ride.

About the Author: SJ (from stoppie)