Two days motorcycle trip or a weekend escape

The routes we have designed allow you to take a short trip around Montenegro with one overnight stay in the mountains or a full weekend escape, riding a motorcycle through the picturesque landscapes that Montenegro offers. These routes can be modified according to your preferences, and we will also provide recommendations for accommodations and restaurants when you book a motorcycle with us.

If you want to skip organisational tasks and optimise your experience, you can request a private tour with one of our guides.

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Tivat – Piva Lake – Durmitor National Park – Tara Bridge – Biogradsko Lake – Kotor Serpentine – Tivat

Remember to wake up early, as today is going to be a great day. However, we should try to escape the coastal heat as soon as possible. We will leave Tivat early and head towards the ferry. Once we cross the channel, we will start climbing towards the Montenegro mountains. This is where we will be able to make the first viewpoint stop with a view of the entire Kotor Bay. This is probably the best angle to see the bay, and from here, you can definitely call it a Kotor Fjord. Take a moment to enjoy the view, maybe take a picture, and then we will continue towards the North.

In the next hour, you will mostly focus on driving towards the Dinaric Alps. The road will be calm and will provide you with the opportunity to observe Montenegro as you travel from the South to the North. Your first major stop will be at Pluzine, where you can take a break and enjoy a coffee or a proper meal at one of the recommended restaurants if you hire a motorbike with us. The temperature here is more comfortable than on the coast, especially during the summer months, making it a relaxing place to take a break.

From Pluzine, we will head towards Durmitor National Park, and the first beautiful view you will come across is of Piva Lake. This is the largest artificial lake in the Balkans, so make sure to take pictures before continuing on towards the National Park. After crossing the bridge, don’t miss the turn on the right. You will come across a dark tunnel in a rock, which is not very long. Take the first turn left after the tunnel and continue following the route. From this point on, you can relax as there will be no further turns to miss. You can take photos if you wish but don’t worry, as plenty of scenic views will be ahead.

Just a few more kilometers and you’ll arrive at the Park. Simply follow the main route, or if you’d like, we can suggest some alternative routes. Keep climbing towards the main viewpoint, but take your time to enjoy the breathtaking views and the sight of grazing sheep in the wild. You’ll soon reach the main viewpoint for the Park, called Sedlo. Take some pictures, but don’t stay too long as it can be windy even in the summer. Your next destination is Zabljak.

Zabljak is the highest city in the region, so it gets colder in the evening. It is recommended to park your bike for an overnight stop. While you are there, you can try local cuisine and maybe take a short hike to Black Lake, a popular and stunning location near Zabljak.

The next morning, we will head towards the famous Tara Bridge and Kolasin. We’ll take the P4 backroad, which has a number of tunnels and turns along the canyons. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful views and serenity of the area. When you reach Mojkovac, turn right and continue towards Kolasin.

You can make a stop at Biogradsko Lake for a coffee or a snack. After the break, it’s just a short stretch to Kolasin. Once you arrive in Kolasin, we can recommend some traditional restaurants for a proper lunch. You can then decide whether you want to stay overnight here and have some time for yourself or continue towards Podgorica, the current capital of Montenegro.

You have two options from here: take the E65 road or the newly built A1 highway. If you’re short on time, it’s recommended to take the highway. However, if you have plenty of energy and are looking for a scenic route, the E65 road is a beautiful option that runs along the canyons. Although it takes a bit longer to get to Podgorica, it’s definitely worth the extra time.

Podgorica is a wonderful city that offers a lot of conveniences. If you want to spend some time here or stay overnight, you can do it. Our next destination is Virpasar, a charming fishing village located on the edge of Skadar Lake. This lake separates Montenegro and Albania by water border. Once you arrive at the village, take a break or have a snack, as we will be riding our motorcycles for a while after that.

Our journey continues towards the most popular viewpoint of Skadar Lake. Please be careful, as the roads are narrow and you may encounter a car unexpectedly. Take a break at a family-run cafĂ© and enjoy homemade lemonade before we proceed. Once you’re ready, we’ll continue to the viewpoint, which will take some time. Don’t forget to take a picture here, as it’s a great memory that many people capture.

Let’s continue our motorcycle journey in Montenegro by heading towards the ex-capital Cetinje. We’ll take a stretch of highway that’s perfect for touring motorcycles. Once we arrive in Cetinje, there are several recommended restaurants where you can grab a snack or enjoy a proper meal. Cetinje is also located near Lovcen National Park, which is another popular point of interest worth exploring.

You’ll ride a motorcycle towards Kotor Old Town, which is a UNESCO-protected site. The route will take you through the famous Kotor Serpentine, one of the most popular roads in the coastal area of Montenegro. Kotor Old Town has motorcycle parking in front of the main entrance, making it easy to park and take a walk to experience its historical charm. It’s a good idea to have dinner there in one of the recommended places. From Kotor, it’s just another 25-minute ride to Tivat. This will be your final scenic winding road that goes through local villages.

  • Kotor Bay Montenegro
  • Sedlo Durmitor National Park
  • Lovcen national park road
  • Durmitor National Park Sedlo


If you want a longer ride, we can modify the route to include the Durmitor Ring and some additional roads in the park. We can also add places like Captain’s Lake or Prokletje Park, as well as the famous SH20 stretch of Albania. However, please remember that these modifications might require an extra day for the trip. Let us know if you want us to help you with these changes.

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