If you are looking for a motorcycle rental in Tivat, Montenegro or want to join one of our tours, the information below can be helpful. We collected the most popular questions and answered them as detailed as possible. Please get in touch with us if you still have questions and need help finding the information below.

Montenegro is a country in the Balkan region. This is still the most undiscovered country around this area. We put some information together so you can find it on this page.

Montenegro has a well-developed road infrastructure, making it possible to ride all kinds of motorcycles, including adventure and road-focused touring motorcycles. We have provided detailed information on this topic in our article.

When travelling by motorcycle, safety is always a concern. We have addressed this issue in our article, which you can read here.

There are many scenic roads that you can explore on a motorcycle in Montenegro. You will have access to all the possible routes with your rental or by joining one of our tours. However, if you are travelling on your own, you can check out our article on the top scenic roads in Montenegro

If you’re planning to visit Montenegro, it’s important to plan carefully. Montenegro is a country that heavily relies on tourism, which can make finding accommodation during peak season challenging. Additionally, the weather during mid-season may not be ideal for certain outdoor activities like riding. However, if you choose to join one of our tours, you’ll be able to ride during the best time of the year. If you plan to visit at any other time, we have an article that will answer all your questions about seasonality in Montenegro.

If you want to join one of our tours or hire a motorcycle, you should be older than 25 and have at least three years of experience. European citizens should have an A category in their driver’s licence. Clients outside of the EU should have an international driver’s licence with a valid motorcycle category. Your document shouldn’t be issued or renewed after 2010.