When to visit Montenegro on a motorcycle

When to visit montenegro on a motorcycle

Montenegro became a trending destination to visit on a Motorcycle. It can be a part of your Balkan trip or a destination to go. In any way, the country will surprise you a lot. Doesn’t matter whether you are travelling on your own motorcycle or decide to hire a motorcycle in Montenegro. You probably should know when is the best time to come, so it will help you with the route and gear planning.


Montenegro is a small country where you can easily travel from the coast to the mountains on a motorcycle in just a few hours. One of the famous locations to visit is Durmitor National Park in the mountains region. However, the temperature drop can be up to 15 degrees, limiting the times you can ride there during the year. While you can ride a motorcycle all year round in the coastal area, riding to the mountains is limited to certain times. This means that if you aim to see the North, you should plan summer time with the shoulders in Spring and Autumn.

Average temperature

During the summer, the coastal area is heating. The temperature here will be around 30-35 degrees Celsius between June and August. Combined with the massive traffic jams, we suggest avoiding travelling through the coastal area in the summer. If you are transiting through Montenegro better to enter the country from the northern Border near the Nikšić region, explore the north and leave around the Podgorica area. In this case, you will ride in manageable temperatures, but try not to ride in midday. The northern part of the country usually is more chill, and it on average 10 degrees cooler than the cost. You can expect around 20-30 degrees celsius in the mountains of Montenegro in the peak of the summertime.

Piva Canyon Montenegro

When to visit?

However, if you travel in April/May/June and September/October, almost the entire Montenegro will be a great area to explore. North will be already a bit cold, but wearing layers won’t be a problem. At that time of the year, you will be able to capture the best of Montenegro in spring, a time mix of snow peaks and fresh greenery. In Autumn, all colours you might imagine.

To sum up, if you want to ride a motorcycle in Montenegro and explore the country, the best time will be late spring or early Autumn. Visiting Montenegro will be too hot and crowded for the rest of the time.

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