Visiting Zabljak and Durmitor National Park on a Motorcycle

When to visit Durmitor National Park on a Motorcycle

If you plan to visit Montenegro on a motorcycle, it can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience. This tiny Balkan country offers both coastal roads and mountain passes, with the most popular destination being Durmitor National Park near the city of Zabljak – the highest-situated town in Montenegro. However, depending on the time of year, you may find yourself riding in snow, so it’s important to plan accordingly. If you rent a motorcycle in Montenegro, you won’t miss out on anything and can easily change the dates. However, lousy weather conditions can be disappointing if you plan to ride down to Montenegro. Remember that the best time to visit this area is after May 15, when both Durmitor National Park and Zabljak are available for safe motorcycle riding. Additionally, if you’re planning an autumn trip, avoid planning it later than the first week of October.

If you’re visiting this region, check out other points of interest, such as Piva Lake, Nevidio Canyon, Zabljak, and the famous Tara Bridge. The most scenic route is crossing Durmitor National Park via Sedlo. This road starts at Piva Lake and ends near Zabljak, offering beautiful views no matter which direction you ride.

Sedlo Pass Duritor National Park in October

Durmitor National Park / STOPPIE TRAVEL

Durmitor National Park is not only suitable for riding a motorcycle. It is also an excellent destination for hikers and cyclists. If you stay around Zabljak for a few days, you’ll spend time in cooler weather, going to Bobotok Kuk or cycling to Durmitor backroads.

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