Visit Komovi – Explore the North of Montenegro on a Motorcycle

Komovi Montenegro motorcycle

Komovi is a mountain range located in the North of Montenegro, specifically in the Kolasin municipality. This area is perfect for exploration, and it is one of the most picturesque locations in Montenegro due to its stunning scenic views. Depending on your riding preferences, there are several ways to get there from the coast of Montenegro. You can choose between the main highways or scenic backroads. So why not to go and explore the North of Montenegro on a motorcycle? 

This route can be a great one-day motorcycle tour or part of a more extensive trip. Starting from our office, you can take a 10 km ride along the bay to the Kotor old town. From there, you can stop by Our Lady of the Angels viewpoint and continue to small coastal towns such as Stoliv and Prcjan. You will then reach the Kotor Old Town, where you can continue your ascent to the famous Kotor Serpentine, which leads you to the Lovcen National Park. From there, you can observe the beautiful Kotor Bay. Please note that you must pay an entrance fee to the national park, which is currently around 3 Euros per person.

Lovcen national park road

You can then continue your journey to Skadar Lake, one of Europe’s most significant flora and fauna reserves. Montenegro shares the lake with Albania, and both countries have a water border over the lake. After visiting the lake, you can continue to the capital of Montenegro and from there to the Kolasin region, where the Komovi mountain range is located.

You can take three roads from Podgorica to Kolasin to reach Komovi. The first is a newly built highway that takes 30-40 minutes to ride. The second option is the old Canyon Road, built and used before the highways were finished and launched in 2022. This road is beautiful and has little traffic, but it will take around 90 minutes to reach Kolasin. The third road is the old backroad, which will take longer, but you will ride a motorcycle through the villages and enjoy the scenic views.

Old village Montenegro

Once you arrive at your destination, you will find several on-site accommodation options. If you need to stay overnight, it is not a problem. After having breakfast in the fresh air the next day, you can move to the north and explore other regions such as Plav and Prokletije or Zabljak and Durmitor.

komovi Montenegro

This is a beautiful road to ride a motorcycle in Montenegro and explore the country from another angle. We offer Montenegro motorbike hire if you need to rent a motorcycle in Montenegro. Also, you can join one of our tours or request a private experience.

About the Author: SJ (from stoppie)