Scenic Mountain Road to Lovcen National Park on a Motorcycle

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This can be one of the most exciting roads near the cities of Budva, Tivat, and Kotor. You can ride a motorcycle on twisty mountain roads close to the coast, enjoy scenic views of Kotor Bay and Tivat Bay in Montenegro, and visit National Park Lovcen. The most exciting fact about this location is that it can be just a half-day trip, or you can stretch it to the entire day and enjoy every stop on your way.

You will ride a motorcycle on the famous Kotor Serpentine, which has 28 turns and scenic views of Montenegro’s Boka Bay. If the weather is good, you’ll be able to see the entire Boka Bay from the height of the bird’s flight. Once you get to the top, the elevation will be around 1700m above sea level, which causes a temperature drop of about 10* Celsius compared to the coast. On summer days, it is excellent because it makes your ride more comfortable. However, it is better to take an extra warm layer for your jacket in autumn.

Riding Yamaha Tracer In Montenegro. This motorcycle is available for hire.

Yamaha Tracer 9 GT on Kotor Serpentine in the Mountains of Montenegro

You’ll ride through the national park and enjoy brand-new roads and mixed forests, resulting in beautiful colours in late September and early October.

If you start from our base in Tivat, the entire route will be just below 100km, which is, on average, a 3-4 hour ride with no breaks. But if you want to enjoy every bit of it, take pictures, have a proper lunch or maybe a cup of coffee in the mountains, add at least two more hours for this trip. Detailed GPS map is available free of charge to all our clients.


If you are riding your own motorcycle and require assistance, feel free to call our hotline. Contact us if you are looking to hire a motorbike or need a private tour.

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