First ride of the season to Lovcen NP via Kotor Serpentine

Lovcen NP on a motorbike

Last Sunday, I went up to Lovcen National Park via Kotor Serpentine to check out the situation up there. Currently, it’s around 20 degrees Celsius here on the coast (as of March 2024), and there’s a 10-12 degree difference compared to the peak of Lovcen NP. It’s much colder up there.

I rode up on my Yamaha Tracer and there wasn’t much traffic, which was a good sign for enjoying the day. After about 40 minutes of climbing, I finally reached the top and enjoyed the beautiful view of Kotor Bay and the old town of Kotor. Surprisingly, I saw plenty of motorcyclists from all around Europe who were already visiting the area. It seemed early to me, but for those used to riding in colder weather, it could be quite comfortable.

The roads were good, with no snow on the side, but there was still some gravel and dust. On my way back, I decided to stop by the viewpoint and share some information about Kotor Fjord and the Bay. You can watch the video below.

About the Author: SJ (from stoppie)