One day motorcycle trip

This itinerary provides several options for spending one day on a motorcycle in Montenegro. These roads can be ridden in either direction, but we suggest a particular route that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while riding a motorcycle in Montenegro. If you rent a motorcycle from us, we will be happy to help you with modifications and provide recommendations on restaurants and other points of interest that you should not miss along the way.

If you want to skip organisational tasks and optimise your experience, you can request a private one-day tour with one of our guides.

Google maps: Option 1 | Option 2

Option 1: Coast (Tivat – Kotor Bay – Skadar Lake – Sveti Stefan – Budva – Tivat)

This is going to be a fun motorcycle trip filled with scenic locations and twisty roads. You’ll begin at our base and make our way towards Kotor Bay, passing through Prchanj and onto the famous Kotor Serpentine. It’s best to arrive there in the morning to avoid traffic and enjoy the empty roads and twisty turns. You’ll then continue your ride towards Lovcen National Park, where we can take a break and grab a coffee or enjoy a meal at the Ivanova Korita restaurant, which offers great views. After our break, we’ll head towards Skadar Lake viewpoint, a popular location that can often be found online when searching for information about Montenegro. We’ll then ride towards Virpasar village, also known as the fisherman village. From there, we can enjoy lunch while taking in the view of Albania across the lake.

After lunch, we’ll ride towards Petrovac, a coastal town reached via an old, twisty mountain road built during Yugoslav times. The road has plenty of turns and winding stretches, but don’t worry; it’s been recently renovated and is in excellent condition. As we descend towards Petrovac, we’ll enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. We can make a stop in Petrovac or continue towards Budva along the beautiful Adriatic highway. On our way, we can stop by Sveti Stefan, an island and luxury resort that has long been associated with Montenegro’s exclusive tourism. From there, we’re not far from Budva, where we can take a break for a cup of coffee or continue towards Tivat.

Optionally, on our way to Tivat, we can take a loop around the Lustica Peninsula (see alternative map).

  • Kotor Bay Montenegro
  • Sveti Stefan montenegro

Option 2: Coast (Tivat – Perast – Kotor – Cetinje – Budva – Tivat)

Another beautiful motorcycle route to explore when you are in Montenegro: start the day in Tivat and ride towards Budva. This is probably the busiest city on the coast, so it’s best to pass it before it becomes too busy, around late morning. From there, head up to the mountains and take a scenic stretch of highway towards Cetinje. You can stop at any viewpoint to see the Adriatic Sea and the coast of Montenegro on your right side.

As you get closer to Cetinje, you might feel a temperature drop. In the summer, it can be 5-10 degrees cooler than the coast. Cetinje is much less busy than Budva, so it’s a great place to take a break and enjoy a coffee or snack. Take some time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of this former capital of Montenegro.

Next, ride towards Lovcen National Park. The road will be full of twisties and turns, surrounded by greenery. Once you reach the park, you might want to stop again and enjoy the beauty of the forest. If you haven’t had lunch yet, this is a good time to stop at Ivanova Korita and try some local cuisine.

After a relaxing break, it’s time to move on! Let’s ride towards the famous Kotor Serpentine and the many viewpoints along the way. Going down the serpentine can be tiring, but the views of Kotor and Tivat Bays make it worth it. Take your time and enjoy the turns.

Once you reach the bottom of the serpentine, follow the road towards Kotor old town. This UNESCO protected site has its own vibe, but it can be busy with tourists during peak season. You can make a stop to walk around and take pictures. You can park your motorcycle right in front of the Kotor main entrance.

From there, continue your ride towards Perast. This tiny city by the sea is pedestrians-only during the summer season, so you might need to walk instead of ride. Once you’re there, it’s probably a good time for another snack or coffee.

It’s time for the last stretch of our trip today. Start your motorcycle and continue towards Tivat. You’ll need to take a ferry across Kamenari-Lepetani channel, but the good news is that motorbikes can skip the waiting line. Just be polite to other members of traffic. The transition time will be around 15 minutes, and then it’s just another 5-10 minutes to reach Tivat.

  • Kotor Serpentine
  • kotor bay Montenegro
  • kamenari-lepetani ferry

Motorcycle rental and tours

If you’re interested in a private tour of Montenegro, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to organize that experience for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to explore Montenegro on your own, we offer motorcycle rentals in Tivat, Montenegro.