Motorcycle Gear and Safety Apparel Rental

Safety and comfort are an essential part of any journey. It doesn’t matter how long your trip will take and which weather conditions you might get caught in. Having a great set of apparel will solve it for you.

We offer the latest models of apparel. In case you are missing something or forgot it at home, or just travelling light, we’ve got you covered. You can rent anything – helmet, jacket, trousers, shoes and gloves. For lousy weather, rain suits are also available.

We provide apparel based on the season. We offer multi-layer gear during the early spring and autumn months, and mesh gear during the summertime.

Apparel Price*
Helmet … from 15€/day
Jacket … from 20€/day
Gloves … from 10€/day
Pants … from 20€/day
Boots … from 15€/day
Full set (all above) from 49€/day (99€/per rental)
Rain Suit … 69€ (purchase only)

We value the comfort of our clients, and because of that, we make sure that apparel undergoes proper antibacterial treatment and cleaning procedures. The cost is 25€ per rental, free with specific packages or 7+ days rentals.

100% cotton balaclava comes with 2.99€ per piece for free when taken with the helmet.

*- prices above are for reference only and might vary based on rental terms and conditions

For every rider

If you are a female rider, we have all apparel sets available. A stylish and modern collection of gear will perfectly fit the motorcycle’s look for a more tailored experience. Take beautiful pictures for great memories.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW. All apparel has Level 1 or Level 2 certified protection. Jackets come with elbow, shoulder and back protection. Specific models of the garment also include chest protection. Trousers come with knee and hip protection. Motorcycle jeans also have a kevlar layer in enforced areas. All shoes come with toes and ankle protection. Helmets are certified to the latest ECE 2206 homologation.

You can rent the apparel together with the motorcycle or separately. In the case of separate order, prices might vary. Please get in touch with us for more details.