About the tour

The Montenegro 360 motorcycle tour is almost a week-long trip that is designed to provide an immersive experience of the Balkan culture. The tour will take you through the most scenic locations of Montenegro, from the southern to the northern region of the country. During the trip, you’ll have the opportunity to taste each region’s local cuisine and wines and enjoy social activities in the middle of the tour and the day after it ends.

The tour is specially designed for those who want to escape for a week and explore the Balkan culture without crossing many borders. You’ll travel through three regions of the country over five days and spend less time on the road to enjoy time on your own or join social activities. We recommend planning a week-long stay in Montenegro, as the trip can be extended depending on road conditions and weather.

The tour will start in Tivat, a coastal city of Montenegro, and end in the same place. You’ll explore the coastal area and the country’s central and northern parts. The tour’s northernmost point will be Zabljak, the highest-situated town in Montenegro. The trip will take place between mid-May and the end of June in spring and the end of August and mid-October in autumn.

The tour will include a 1450m elevation change, which means you’ll experience different weather conditions along the way, and the temperature drop can be significant depending on the time of the year. The scenery will also change a lot during the trip.

If you want to experience Montenegro privately, please contact us, and we’ll ensure that you can experience everything on the dates of your choice.


National parks: Durmitor National Park, Skadar Lake National Park, Lovcen National Park

POIs: Kotor Serpentine, Kotor Bay, Black Lake, Bobotov Kuk, Captain Lake, Sveti Stefan

  • Duration: Four – five riding days and one day for social activities or relaxation.

  • Distance: Around 1000-1100km for entire trip.

  • Riding time: Average time riding is 4 hours per day with the daily distance 200-250km

  • Difficulty: Medium. You should have skills riding in variable weather conditions. Also some of the roads are pretty old, they have sand and cracks. at least of 3 years or riding experience is required.

  • Accommodation: We’ll stay in boutique hotels and chalets.

  • Roads: 100% tarmac. We’ll be riding all sort or roads – highways, Yugoslav era backroads, serpentines. That will be all tarmac, but conditions can vary.

  • Riders: 5 guest bikes max plus our team members

What to expect

This motorcycle tour is designed for your ease and enjoyment of Montenegro. Throughout the trip, we will ride only on paved roads. Expect to experience endless scenic views and beautiful turns along the way.

For accommodations, we have arranged primarily 4-star hotels and chalets. Breakfast is included with every overnight stay, and dinner on the first and last days is included in the price. We offer both general and vegetarian menus to cater to your dietary preferences. We aim to keep the group size small for cosy communication, and the number of bikes is limited to 5 guests. Based on the number of riders per tour, you will be guided by one or two team members with a support vehicle carrying all your belongings.


To join our motorcycle trip, you must be at least 25 years old, have more than three years of riding experience, and possess a valid driver’s license with category A. For EU riders, your driver’s license should be issued after 2002. For international riders, you need to present an international driver’s license along with your native document issued in the past five years.

Please bring your motorcycle apparel, or you can request one from us for an additional charge. The apparel must have layers as we will ride in temperatures ranging from +5 to +40 degrees. You should maintain a good climate to feel comfortable on the trip.

Montenegro is a visa-free country for many nations. However, please ensure that your passport allows you to stay in the country for at least one week with no visa required.


We offer two categories of motorcycles – 700cc and 900cc. Our selection process takes into account the experience we aim to provide. We highly recommend that you choose a smaller-capacity motorcycle if you are riding solo, as it will make your trip simpler and more enjoyable. If you are travelling as a couple, a larger motorcycle will provide better comfort. We have created this guide to help you choose the most suitable bike for your needs.