About the tour

For those seeking private motorcycle tour in Montenegro, we offer a custom package that allows you to see Montenegro from an angle only a few people can experience. Personal experience aims to dedicate 100% of the time to you, making it efficient and memorable.

Your tailored motorcycle experience can be a one to four-day tour. On that trip, you’ll see the best parts of Montenegro: the coast, the central region, and the north. On the way, you’ll be able to experience local cuisine and stay in boutique hotels, or glamping sites, which are usually not accessible to the general public. We can organise activities based on your preferences, such as hiking, e-biking, and rafting with experienced guides, or dining in remote locations. That will open a completely different side of Montenegro to you.

These tours include everything except the cost of food, as you might have particular dietary preferences. We provide a complete set of apparel and fully serviced and insured motorcycles. All our motorcycles are ongoing models independently of the brand.

This is totally flexible option and can be designed for your request.