Riding SH20 road to Prokletije National Park on a motorcycle

Prokletija National Park Montenegro

May is one of the best times to visit Montenegro and explore its scenic roads. Last weekend, we took a three-day trip to the Plav region of Montenegro to visit Prokletije National Park, also known as the Albanian Alps. Spring is the perfect time to visit because there are fewer tourists, more accommodation options, and breathtaking views of the snowy mountains against the backdrop of the blooming green valley. If you are questioning what to see in Montenegro or Albania while visiting, this can be a great option. 

Motorcycle Tour SH20 Albania and Montenegro

To get there on a motorcycle, you can use two different routes. One option will be to cross the border into Albania and ride the famous SH20 road (1 – Red). The road has been paved in recent years and offers the enjoyable experience of riding scenic twisty turns.  Another option is to travel from Kolasin town in the northern part of Montenegro. From there, you can take the new tunnel road (2 – Blue), which has been recently opened and gives fast access to Berane. or you can take the old road from Matesevo to Andrijevica (3 – Orange), which is partly paved.

Prokletije Map SH 20 Motorcycle

If you hire one of our motorcycles in Montenegro,we advise you to use SH20 or Kolasin – Berane road as those roads offer a better riding experience.

If you are planning on staying in Prokletije Park on Montenegro’s side, you should follow Gusine, as that will bring you to the bottom of the mountain, where you can book accommodation and enjoy local food. Travelling to that area on a motorcycle is probably best in May. This is the time you’ll enjoy this place a lot. Later on, you can head towards the north of Montenegro and see another part of Montenegro—Zabljak.

One more place to visit not far from Gusine is Plav. It is just a 30-minute ride north, and you’ll be in the town with 300 inhabitants. Plav, with its charming cast stations, diverse restaurants, and a wide range of accommodation options, offers a unique glimpse into the local culture. So if you are on a multiple-day trip around Montenegro or the Balkans, this can be a right place to plan your stop as well. 

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