ADV Summit Montenegro – Adventure Motorcycle Riding in Montenegro

ADV Summit Montenegro by rightroute

About ADV Summit in Montenegro

Every year, the ADV Summit in Montenegro, organized by the Right Route team and their partners, brings together adventure motorcycle riders from Montenegro and around the world. This exciting event not only gathers local riders but also invites international guests who represent the industry. These guests share captivating stories about their global motorcycle journeys and their experiences as professional riders.

Scenic Routes and Breathtaking Landscapes

This year’s event took place near the picturesque town of Rozaje, located in northern Montenegro, close to the Kosovo border. The journey from our base in Tivat to Rozaje was a thrilling 4-hour ride at a relaxed and safe pace. Our route included iconic locations such as the Kotor Serpentine, Skadar Lake, the capital city of Podgorica, and Kolasin. After passing through Kolasin, we enjoyed the recently opened road to Berane, which offered jaw-dropping landscapes and amazing twisty roads that are a pure pleasure to ride.

Kotor Berane road Montenegro

The final leg of our trip started from Rozaje and took us through a gravel pass, leading to the remote region where the event was held. This area, with its limited mobile reception, provided a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the routine and immerse ourselves in nature. The event gathered a fantastic crowd, creating a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.

The motorcycle adventure community in Montenegro may be small, but it is incredibly welcoming, allowing riders to meet new people and explore new roads. Montenegro still holds many undiscovered gems waiting to be explored. After spending a few days at the event, it was time to ride back, feeling refreshed and disconnected from the usual hustle and bustle.

What motorcycle to ride in Montenegro

Throughout our trip, the Yamaha Tracer 9 Explore Pack proved to be an excellent companion, handling multiple terrains with ease. If you’re planning a motorcycle trip in Montenegro, consider renting a motorcycle from our service to experience the best of what this beautiful country has to offer.

Yamaha Tracer 9 Explore Pack

Montenegro is a paradise for adventure motorcycle riders, offering stunning landscapes, challenging roads, and a welcoming community. Join us at the next ADV Summit and discover the thrill of motorcycle riding in one of Europe’s most beautiful and undiscovered regions. Don’t forget to check out our motorcycle rental service for a hassle-free and unforgettable riding experience.

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