Our motorcycle fleet for 2024 season

About our fleet

When we started our motorcycle tours in Montenegro and the Balkans, we also thought that some of our visitors could benefit from renting a moto in Montenegro. All our motorcycles are prepared for long-distance touring across the country and also the Balkan area, meaning that if someone wants to take benefit of professionally equipped vehicles but explore this area on his own terms, why not offer such an opportunity and offer travellers to enjoy Montenegro on a moto.

We decided that the following motorcycle lineup can be beneficial for everyone who wants to enjoy riding a motorcycle in Montenegro. We selected the most legendary motorcycles across the Yamaha lineup and decided to offer those motorcycles for rental in Montenegro, also. We have the Yamaha MT-07, Yamaha Tracer 7, Yamaha Tracer 9, and, of course, the Yamaha Tenere 700 Explore edition. We believe that the motorcycles we offer are the best for every possible scenario of riding in Montenegro. Let’s take a look.

Yamaha MT-07

This is a new motorcycle to our lineup for the 2024 season. When we thought about what motorcycle would be the most versatile and easy-going machine for new riders as well as experienced riders who don’t want heavy bikes, the Yamaha MT-07 came to mind. This motorcycle is perfect for covering the mileage during the tours and having some fun on twisties when renting it in Montenegro. That’s right; this bike is available for rent.

Yamaha Tracer 7 / 7GT

The Yamaha Tracer 7 is a long-awaited bike in our lineup. It was certainly missed. Last year, Yamaha updated this model with a new dash and better suspension and brakes. That’s when we realised that it could be a better alternative to the Triumph Tiger 660 presented in our lineup. It has all the comfort features of a bigger sibling – Tracer 9, but is more agile, lightweight and easy to ride. It is available on our tours as well as for rental in Montenegro. We see that this bike will be a great companion for shorter riders and those who don’t want much power from the motorcycle.

We offer two variants: Tracer 7 and Tracer 7 GT. The only difference between them is the package. Tracer 7 GT comes with panniers and a comfort seat as standard, while for Tracer 7, these are extras. However, for rentals longer than five days or for tours, we offer both variants with the same packages for the same price.

Tracer 9 Tour Pack / 9 GT

This is our flagship model for road-focused motorcycles. The Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT are well-known for their comfort on long distances and their ability to carry up to 110L of luggage. Both bikes are equipped with the latest electronics and are suitable for riders of different skill levels. The main difference between the two models is that the GT has electronic suspension, which may not be preferred by those who like a softer suspension setup. The regular (manual) suspension setup of the Tracer 9 offers an alternative for such riders. This motorcycle is available on all our tours around Montenegro and the Balkans, and can also be rented for a minimum of three days.

Yamaha Tenere 700 Explore

The Yamaha Tenere 700, also known as T7, is an extremely popular motorcycle from Yamaha. The “Explore” edition is a new offering from Yamaha for this year, and that’s what we’re bringing to you. The Yamaha T7 is well-known for being a versatile and fun machine to ride, and it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It is also available for tours and motorcycle rentals in Montenegro for periods longer than five days.

About the Author: SJ (from stoppie)