Food and wine in Montenegro

Montenegro Food

With a breath of fresh southern wind, the Mediterranean cuisine offers olives, fish and wine on the shores of Skadar Lake and the Adriatic. Incorporated hiking tours through vineyards and history of the south will help you feel the intimacy of home with local specialties made of bleak, crucian carp, flathead grey mullet, and common carp spiced in a Mediterranean way.

Wine houses offer alluring tastes of various types of vranac and white wine for tourists and wine lovers. In addition to homely atmosphere in taverns and restaurants, you can learn more about wines through a fun and vibrant festival of wine and bleak (Virpazar), Mimosa festival in Herceg Novi, Crnogorski Pazar (Montenegrin Pazar) in Nahije, wine festival in Igalo etc.

In addition to the atmosphere of a fishing settlement and viewpoints, the road will lead you to the very centre of old Montenegro. In the area of former nahiyas, you can taste prosciutto smoked on beech wood, collard greens with dried meat, lamb cooked in milk and other traditional dishes

The wilderness of Montenegrin forests and mountains offer boletus, chanterelles and morels.

Northern mountain dishes complete the magic of Durmitor, Bjelasica and Sinjajevina. Kańćamak, gruel, wild game dishes, dairy products and honey prepared with an old secret recipe are an integral part of the culture of the north.

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