Things to know to explore Montenegro on a motorcycle

motorcyclist in montenegro

Travelling to Montenegro can be an excellent opportunity to explore this country on two wheels. It depends on how long you are staying. You can choose roads for one, two or up to four days trip and ride the motorcycle throughout the country. This will allow you to see Montenegro in the coats and mountains. Travelling on a bike alone can be a great time to clean your mind.

Riding triumph motorcycle in Montenegro

To make it easier for you, we provide you with a map of the most scenic roads of Montenegro. You can explore them by yourself, riding at your own pace. We would recommend you to explore Montenegro in three main regions – South which is mostly costal area of Montenegro, Central Montenegro – that’s where you mostly urbanised environment of the country, and the North – untouched wild nature with breathtaking views.

Local restaurant vodenica in Kolasin Montenegro

Depending on your preferred way of travelling, you can see all those regions in two days or plan an entire week to travel around the country and experience local nature, cuisine, and sightseeing. Beware that depending on the time of the year, temperature drop can be significant between those three regions. In summer time it might not be noticeable. Still, in early spring or late autumn, you might experience sub-zero temperatures in the north as well as slippery road conditions.

Montenegro on a motorcycle. You can ride triumph in Montenegro.

Montenegro is safe for travellers, but we want to highlight road safety. Since most of the country is surrounded by wild nature, you should pay attention to animals which can appear on the road. They might be afraid of the noise the vehicle creates, and their behaviour can be unpredictable. Secondly road surface itself. In most of the regions, especially the coast, road surfaces are renewed once in a while due to wanting climate. Over time it’s polished by the cars and becomes slippery even in typical weather. Ensure you have good tires and ride safely, especially when riding a motorcycle. Follow speed limits, especially if the road looks too good to ride slowly. In most regions, speed is limited to 50km/h and around 80km/h on highways.

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