Yamaha Tracer 9 Tour Pack ('23)
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Yamaha Tracer 9 Tour Pack ('23)

Grand Touring, Yamaha

The Yamaha Tracer 9 Tour Pack Pro is a perfect motorcycle for long journeys when you need to cover long distances. The bike has heated grips, a comfortable seat, adjustable windshields, and foot pegs. It also comes standard with side panniers; the top case can be added as an option. The seat height can be adjusted for short and tall riders. The suspension is also adjustable. Plus, with a complete luggage set, you can extend luggage capacity up to 110L to take everything you need on your trip.

Engine: 890cc / 119hp
Fuel tank: 18.7L (4.94 gal)
Fuel consumption: 5L/100km (47.04mpg US)
Weight: 213kg (469.5 lbs)
Seat height: 810-825mm (31.88"-32.48")
Max luggage capacity: 50L + 60L + 18L (13.2gal + 15.85 gal+4.75 gal US)

Additional information:
Panniers come standard
Comfort seat is included
Top box is free for 7 days or longer

Regular rates:
3 Days - 435 EUR
4 Days - 540 EUR
5 Days - 675 EUR
6 Days - 750 EUR
7 days - 840 EUR

Weekend and weekly rates are HERE
Additional and standard equipment is HERE

Starting from 120.00
Adjustable Front Suspension
USB Socket
Adjustable Rear Suspension
Heated Grips
GPS Mount
LED Headight
Cruise Control
Ride Modes

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