Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. You should have motorcycle driver’s license (A) with a minimum of 3 years of riding experience. You must be 25 years or older. Driver licence should be issued/renewed no later that 10 years from the date of booking and should comply with EU/International standard. In case your licence is different please make sure you can receive international document from local authorities before traveling to Montenegro.
  2. Security deposit is required. It can be between 1200-1600€ and depends on motors cycle you choose once the rate. It will be returned to you after rental drop-off. In case of an accident, this is the maximum amount retained for the comprehensive insurance option. For regular insurance, the client must cover total damage and repair works or motorcycle renewal. If paying by card, unfreezing funds in your bank account can take up to 10 working days. Otherwise, you have covered the entire recovery work or motorcycle replacement cost.
  3. Every rental includes 250-500km/day or more free mileage. That depends on length of your booking and selected motorbike. Every kilometre above the limit is subject to an extra charge of 0,25-0.5€.
  4. The motorcycle will be provided with full gasoline tank and should be returned the same, unless stated differently. A refill charge of €35 is applied.

Payments processing

  1. For bookings in the peak season (May – September), we require a minimum of 30% pre-payment. Payment should be made a maximum minimum of four weeks before the pickup date. For dates outside of peak season, payment can be made one week before check-in date.
  2. In case of full payment eight weeks before the rental date we provide a 5% discount.
  3. All payments are processed in Euros. We do not handle any conversion fees applied by your bank.
  4. We accept online  payments by card. The following cards can be processed – VISA, MASTER CARS, AMEX. All payments are processed via WSPay service.

Cancellation policy

  1. Cancellation, one month before the pick-up date, is free of charge. Bank transfer fees can be retained if payment was processed earlier. Max charge 30€.
  2. Cancellation 7 days and less prior rental date and less is subject to a 30% cancellation fee. This is applicable only for peak season (May – October).
  3. No show and no cancellation notice, a 30% rental fee will be retained. The remained amount (if paid in full) above will be returned to the client’s bank account or card. Bank transaction costs max 30€.
  4. If FLEX options has been chosen during the booking, there is no fee beyond the cost of the service (45€) and bank transaction fee (max 30€).