Where to eat in Tivat

If you plan to travel to Montenegro and your trip will start and end in Tivat, or if you want to spend a few days exploring Porto Montenegro and Tivat Bay, you may be looking for restaurants and places to eat. There are many cafes and restaurants located close to us, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and dessert or have a beautiful dinner by the sea. In this section, we will review the restaurants and cafes in Porto Montenegro and beyond before you embark on your motorcycle trip in Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro is a nautical village and marina situated in the heart of Tivat. During the summer, this place has its own vibe and is full of visitors from all around the world. As a result, you can find all sorts of food and restaurants in this area.

Coffee and cakes

If you’re looking for a good place to grab a coffee or enjoy some cappuccino with a tasty apple pie, there are a couple of places around town that specialize in just that.

The first place you won’t want to miss is Kafeteria. It’s the most popular coffee spot in town, with cups of coffee starting at 2.5 Euros. The atmosphere of Kafeteria makes you feel like you’re in a big city, at one of those famous coffee chains. Kafeteria can be found in two locations in the Porto Montenegro village, and can be accessed from either entrance.

The second place you should check out is Ma Cherie. It’s a coffee house and a place for cakes and desserts. They have the best selection of desserts you can find around town. Located on the waterfront, with a view of the superyacht, what could be better for a coffee break?

The third place that might surprise you with its selection of coffee and desserts and its location is Gourmet Corner at the Regent Hotel. They also serve delicious breakfasts for those who are interested.


After a long day of riding, you deserve a well-deserved dinner to recharge. Luckily, there are many fantastic dining options just a few minutes’ walk away from us. Let us share a few of these places with you.

Let’s start with the veterans of Porto Montenegro village – Restaurant One and Al Posto Giusto. These two places have been here for over a decade and are considered the OGs of Porto Montenegro. Restaurant One is located next to Jetty 1 and offers traditional European cuisine. Al Posto Giusto, on the other hand, is a very well-known pizza and pasta place that is popular not only among foreigners but also among local people living in Tivat. Here, you can order all sorts of pizzas and salads for any type of diet.

If you are looking for a proper steak, you might find yourself enjoying Gallardo Steak House, which is located right by Venice Square in Porto Montenegro. This restaurant is known for its excellent meat quality and cozy atmosphere.

Another relaxing place is Navale Kitchen and Bar, where you can find a mix of European and South American cuisine.

For fish lovers, there is a place called Marea, located in a promenade area of Porto Montenegro, less than a 2-minute walk from our office. It’s one of those romantic places to end the day with a glass of wine paired with local sea bass.

National cuisine

The Theodorus restaurant is a great place to experience national cuisine that is popular in the Kotor Bay area. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner or simply enjoying a glass of wine. The restaurant is situated on one of the old streets in Tivat and is conveniently located next to a theatre where you can catch performances during the summer months in an open-air setting.

International cuisine

If you’re missing home or craving your favourite cuisine from another part of the world, we have a list of unique places you can visit within a 5-minute walk.

Masala Art and Kitchen offers impressive Indian food with a variety of spices and options to choose from. The best part is that it’s only a 30-second walk from our office.

Nama Sushi and Coffee is a great option for those missing Japanese food. We also love riding Japanese bikes, so why not have some sushi too?

Barquero is the first authentic Latin restaurant featuring the cuisine of Mexico, Peru, Spain, and other regional specialities. They serve delicious seafood, ceviche, aguachile, rotisserie chicken, and meats presented comida-style for sharing among friends and family.

Ice Cream

Nothing beats a scoop of good ice cream when the summer heat peaks. Moritz Eis, located next to One Restaurant, serves some of the best ice cream in town. Just keep in mind this ice cream is made locally in Tivat!